Natural Gene, Bulldozer Press, Seoul, Korea, 2020
152 x 228mm, 152pages
*The collection of images used in An Chorong's solo exhibition Natural Gene.

"The way she remember the moments she captured in the past leads to taking out photos from the hard disk and placing the work in the exhibition hall and organizing and editing images in a book. The book of the same name as the exhibition, Natural Gene, is displayed on a rrotating bookshelf installed next to the ticketing desk at the entrance of the exhibition hall. It's as if there are tourist postcards on the stand next to the cash register of the souvenir shop.
In the book Natural Gene, 101 images included in the exhibition Natural Gene, that is, 6 postcard images received from friends at travel destinations and 95 images taken by the artist, are classified and arranged in a different way than in the exhibition. Two versions of Natural Gene, framing and arranging the same object in different ways, are "first and second trials" that give the artist's memory and scenes a certain form and organized, respectively."

- Nam Sunwoo, Habit to Memorial: It's hard to explain I am never gonna see you again,
An Chorong Solo Exhibition, Natural Gene